Entries & Rebates

No refunds will be issued for any entry. Studios with outstanding Balances will not be permitted to compete. Entries are accepted on a first come/first served basis and are limited to performance time available. Types of entries are Solo, Duet/Trio (2 or 3 contestants), Small Group (4-9 contestants), Large Group (10-19 contestants), or Line (20 or more contestants). All Regional entry forms must be postmarked four (4) weeks prior to the competition with payment in full, a 10 % late fee will be applied to entries received after the 4 week deadline. National Entries must be postmarked no later than June 1st. We will only accept Bank Checks or Money Orders for entries postmarked after the Deadline. Studio Rebate checks will be made payable the Studio and will be distrib-uted at the competition to the Director of the Studio. In order to receive a rebate, all completed entry forms must be postmarked no later than six (6) weeks prior to the competition date. Completed entry forms must include the official entry form and payment in full. Rebate is void if check is returned for any reason. There is a $50 service charge for all returned checks.

Final Payment & Change Fees

All fees are due four (4) weeks prior to the competition. Payment must be in the form of check or credit card. Any change made less than 2 1/2 weeks prior to the start of the competition is subject to a $100 processing fee.


Competitions cancelled for any reason, including Acts of God, will be rescheduled as soon as possible. Every attempt will be made to reschedule competitions to meet dance studio's availability. In the event that a studio cannot compete, a full credit will be issued for any future competition.

Cash Awards (only presented in the Xtreme divisions)

Cash prizes are awarded to the Dance Studio. We reserve the right to reduce cash amounts or award Gift Certificates in lieu of cash prizes. There must be a minimum of ten (10) entries per division for cash awards to be presented at Regionals, a minimum of fifteen (15) entries per division for cash awards to be presented at Nationals. Soloists performing in 2 or more routines will have only their Highest Scoring Solo place in the Top 10 Overall Awards. High Score Plaques Are Presented in 4 Age Divisions: 9& under, 10- 12 yrs., 13-15 yrs., 16 –19 yrs. The Rising Star and Xccelerated Divisions will have separate High Score award presentations. There are no cash awards in the Rising Star and Xccelerated Division at Regionals.

No Solicitation

Directors, teachers and students may not solicit anyone from another studio or they will face ejection and siqualificaton from the competition.

Professional Conduct

All routines must be in good taste and manner. We expect good sportsmanship from contestants and parents. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and will be cause for disqualification. No prompting of contestants by teachers, parents or friends is allowed. This will be a cause for disqualification.

Time Limits and Check In

All dancers must check in and be prepared to perform 1 1/2 hours before scheduled time of performance to avoid being a scratch (no show). The time limit is 3 minutes for Solos, 3 minutes for Duet/Trios, and Small Groups, 5 minutes for Large Groups/Line routines, up to 8 minutes for Production; 5 minutes for Xtended Small Groups; 7 minutes for Xtended Large Groups. Fashion Modeling and Drama 1 ˝ minutes. A deduction of one (1) point per five (5) seconds overtime will be made


Music must be family friendly and age appropriate. Violations will result in point deductions for the offending routine.
Each contestant must furnish his/her own music on CD or I-Pod. All music must be labeled with the studio code, routine #, song title, age group, division & category. A back up is required! Please, no scratched CDs. All information on CDs should be marked with a sharpie. Please NO labels as they can interfere with the playing of the CD.

Acrobatic Tricks

A limit of two acrobatic tricks will be allowed in all categories except Acro, Character & Open. A one (1) point deduction per judge will be made if more than two (2) acrobatic tricks are performed in these categories. A gymnastic pass is considered 1 trick. Splits and lifts are allowed.

4 Performance Divisions:

Rising Stars (formerly the Novice division): For dancers 12 & under competing less than 3 years or taking fewer than 3 hours of classes per week. Rising Star dancers may compete in the Xccelrated Division or in Productions at the teacher’s discretion. Rising Star Groups/Lines must be 100% Rising Star dancers. Xtreme and Xccelerated dancers are NOT permitted to compete in this division.

Xccelerated (Intermediate dancers): Geared towards dancers taking 3-5 hours of class per week. Xccelerated dancers can dance in Xtreme Productions. They can also dance in Xtreme groups that contain at least 80% Xtreme dancers.
Judges, at their discretion, may move a routine up to the Xtreme level if they determine the dancers are too advanced for the Xccelerated division.

Xtreme: For Dancers competing 4 years or more or taking 6+ hours of classes per week.
Xtreme dancers can compete in Xccelerated groups ONLY when at least 80% of the dancers are Xccelerated dancers.

Pro-Am: For Groups/Lines in which one or more teachers are competing with students. Teachers may not compete in any other Division. Teachers may not compete in Solos or Duet/Trios. A teacher is a person who choreographs and conducts class that is 19.5 years or older. If any dancer teaches for multiple studios (2 or more) they are considered a professional regardless of their age and MUST compete in Pro Am.

Dancer's age is based on their age as of January 1st.


Acrobatic/Gymnastics Dance:
Routine which consists of gymnastic passes, walkovers, limbers, headstands, etc.

Routine which must include classical ballet technique. Ballet slippers only. A combination or Ballet slippers and Pointe Shoes may be worn in Large Group/Production Routines only.

Routine consisting of Contemporary Jazz Technique such as isolations, kicks and splits.

Routine using baton and baton technique.

Routine portraying an easily recognizable character, such as a cat, etc. Can incorporate any form of dance or acrobatics.

Cheerleading/Drill Team:
Routine must use cheerleading and/or drill team technique. Each routine must consist of leaps, jumps and vocal cheering.

Routine must use clogging technique.

Drama presentation of material using acting technique. Drama/Acting routines must compete in the Xccelerated division.

Fashion Modeling: (Solos only)
Runway “T” style modeling, which must include modeling technique: formal, sportswear or swimwear categories are available. Modeling routines must compete in the Xccelerated division.

Routine incorporating ethnic styles of dance.

Hip Hop:
Routines must use more than 50% Hip Hop technique.

Routines must use more than 50% Jazz technique.

Routine emphasizing flexibility, strength and extensions, utilizing the lyrics or mood of the music.

Interpretive dance using balance and control. Must be contemporary modern style.

Musical Theater:
A routine featuring any style of dance “interpreting” a song from a Broadway show or movie musical. No singing is permitted.

Any routine which falls into any performance division or combination thereof, or any style of dance.

A routine featuring any style of dance using Lip Sync Technique. No singing is permitted.

Routine which must include the use of Pom-pom and cheering technique.

Routine which must include classical Pointe tech-nique. Pointe shoes only.

Routine which is a minimum of 5 and not more than 8 minutes long. Any style or combination of dance styles is permitted. The division is open to lines of 20 performers or more only.

Song & Dance:
Routine must contain both singing and any category of dance (tap, jazz, ballet, etc.) Accompaniment must be on tape and backup voices only will be permitted.

Routine comprised of tap technique.

Routine may be any type of vocal presentation. Accompaniment must be on CD. No lead vocals permitted on CD, back-up voices only. Vocal routines must compete in the Xccelerated division.

Title Solos (Xtreme division only - Xccelerated soloists are not eligible for title):

Petite Miss and Petite Mr. (Ages 6 & under), Little Miss and Little Mr. (Ages 7-9 ), Junior Miss and Junior Mr (Ages 10-12), Teen Miss and Teen Mr. (Ages 13-15), Miss and Mister (Ages 16-19). All Xtreme solos are eligible for the "Title". Only the Top 10 regional winners (boys and girls) from each age division are invited to the National event to compete for the title of "USA DANCER". Regional winners will be awarded a plaque and a beautiful Title sweatshirt or jacket. Soloists must receive at least a Platinum award to be awarded Title. THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO COMPETE FOR REGIONAL TITLE.

Photogenic Entries:

Entries should submit either a 5” X 7” or 8” X 10” photo. Color or black & white are acceptable. There are 2 division: 12 & under and 13 & over. The age of group photos is based on the average age of everyone in the photo.


Only the Top 10 title winners from each regional competition (both girls and boys) are invited to compete in the "National Title" competition. National Title contestants will be required to participate on the "Xtreme Team" and will be given the wonderful opportunity of participating in the "Xtreme Challenge" opening number. Title contestants will be participating in judged classes. Subjects offered will be Ballet, Jazz, Lyric/Contemporary, Tap and Hip Hop. At least 3 classes must be attended. It is recommended to take as many classes as possible from which 2 top scores will be taken. Title contestants will perform their solo routines and model formal wear. Money will be awarded to the highest scoring soloist in each division with male and female combined for overall cash awards. If there is only 1 entry in an age/gender category the soloist must be awarded an Excellence Medal to receive the 'Title' award.

General Rules

  • Contestants will compete in the following age groups: 6 years & Under; 7-9 yrs; 10-12 yrs; 13-15 yrs; 16-19 years; 20-29 yrs & Adult. For Duets/Trios, Groups and Produc-tions the average age determines the age group in which they perform. If the average age is .5 or over, the age will be rounded up. Any Group/Line or Production with a dancer 18 yrs. old or older must compete in the 13 and over regardless of the average age. If challenged, proof of age will be required.

  • Performers may never compete against themselves in Solos, and not more than 50% of a Duet/Trio may be the same person, and compete against themselves in the same age division in the same performance category. You may compete against yourself in Small Groups, Large Groups, Lines and Pro/Am.

  • Any regional first place High Score winner may compete the same routine at another Regional event during the same competition season.

  • No dangerous props may be used on stage such as fire, swords, or knives. General props and gym-nastics mats are allowed, however, they must be in place within 2 minutes as timing of the routine will begin at the end of this 2 minutes. If the stage is littered after your performance with feathers, confetti etc., you should be prepared to remove it immediately following the routine in an expeditious manner.

  • No additional sound equipment or micro-phones may be used or connected to the DanceXplosion sounds system. DanceXplosion will provide two (2) micro-phones at each regional.

Outstanding Costume Award:

Solo award to be presented to entrants who receive the highest scores based on design, overall impression, fit, etc. in the 12 & Under age division and the 13 & Over age division. One award will be presented to the best Duet/Trio, Group/Line Costume. All ages will com-pete against each other for this award. **Note: You may register for this award on the day of competition, if you did not do so in advance. All entries in the costume contest will be judged during the performance of their routine. There will not be a special presenta-tion of costume contestants. Make sure to enter the costume competition at least ˝ hour prior to your performance.

Photogenic Award:

Award to be presented to the contestant(s) judged most photogenic in the 12 & Under age division, and in the 13 & Over age division. En-tries must send a recent 5” x 7” or 8” x 10” in black and white or color photo with the official entry form. Please write name, address, height, and weight on the back of the photo. Only one photo per entry. Photos will be returned on day of competition, but contestants will be responsible for obtaining their photo on that day. DanceXplosion is not responsible for loss or damage to any photograph submitted. You may enter the Photogenic Contest on the day of the Competition.

Medals & Trophies:

Medals will be awarded to all routines. Available medals are Xtreme Platinum (awarded to Xtreme dancers only), Platinum, Xtreme Gold, Gold and Xtreme Silver. Awards are based on composite scores and NOT on placement within age group; therefore, there could be several Platinum winners within one age group in a category. 1st Place in the category will receive a trophy. If there is a single entry, they must achieve a Platinum medal to receive a 1st place trophy.

The XCalibur Award:

Is awarded to the highest scoring group routine in the 12 & under, and 13 & over divisions. The winner will receive an Xcalibur trophy and "free" entry (capped at $500) into the DanceXplosion "National Finals".


  • Video Taping and Photography is strictly prohibited. No Cameras of any kind will be permitted in the theater during the competition.

  • The Judges decisions are final.

  • Routines must receive a Gold Medal or higher to qualify for Nationals. YOU MUST COMPETE IN THE SAME PERFORMANCE DIVISION AS QUALIFIED AT REGIONALS.

  • By entering a DanceXplosion competition, participants (I.e., dancers, Studio Owners, choreographers, parents) give their per-mission to DanceXplosion to use their photographs, videos, and/or likeness in any DanceXplosion promotional efforts without compensation.

  • DanceXplosion reserves the right to refuse any entry at any time.

  • DanceXplosion reserves the right to change venues.